Bolivia-May 2009
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Tiwanaku.  One of my all time favorite Sacred Sites.  In Aymara (predecessors of the Inca), “Typi Kala” means “the stone in the center”.  Home of the Gate of the Sun.

My journey to Tiwanaku started back in the 1960s with the original STAR TREK series episode THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER.  In the episode Kirk and Spock and McCoy jump through an arch or gate which is a time portal, allowing them to travel back through time.  I felt a real charge when I saw this arch/gateway.  Later in the 70s I saw the movie CHARIOTS OF THE GODS based on the Erich van Daniken book.  The Gate of the Sun at Tiwanaku is shown in this movie.  When I saw the Sun Gate, I felt another strong charge and a connection with this STAR TREK episode.  I really really wanted to visit the Sun Gate from that moment forward.

In January 2004, Adele and I visited Tiwanaku for an afternoon.  The day was rainy and muddy, but I still felt an incredible charge at visiting the site and especially the Gate of the Sun.  In fact, it was one of the highlights of our trip.  We only had an afternoon to visit, which was not enough for me.  So one of my dreams when we finished our 3 month journey was to return to Tiwanaku and spend several days visiting the site.

Around 2006 I started having dreams about returning to Tiwanaku for the September Equinox.  Last year events seemed to line up, and my friend Enrique (from Aluna Joy’s Spiritual Journeys) and I arranged to visit Tiwanaku.  The weekend before I was supposed to leave, Bolivia experienced “civil unrest”.  The airline canceled my flight, we did not get to visit Bolivia, and I was seriously bummed out.

The next opening to visit Tiwanaku came this May.  My friend Enrique was free to go at that time and again, everything seemed to line up.  About ten days before our flights were to depart, swine flu broke out in Mexico.  Enrique’s flight was canceled, and I ended up traveling to Bolivia alone.  Another major bummer.  However, I flew to Bolivia, and my journey unfolded.  And I did love seeing Tiwanaku again :-)  ...

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The Gate of the Sun at Tiwanaku