Bolivia-May 2009
Lake Titicaca
Isle of the Moon
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Before we left our hotel, Rosse Mary suggested that we make an offering to the Lake when we were halfway between the 2 islands.  She always makes this offering.  I felt that was great and agreed to join her in making an offering.  Along the path to the boat she picked various roses and other beautiful flowers to offer to the Lake and the temple at the Isle of the Moon.

The temple on the Isle of the Moon is another place where I felt a strong connection.  Seeing it again made my heart feel very happy.  Rosse Mary and I did a ceremony when we entered the main courtyard, starting with the beautiful flowers that Rosse Mary picked by hotel rooms on the Isle of the Sun.  After we completed our offering I chanted some mantras in front of the main entrance of the temple.  As I was finishing my chanting, a spiritual group from Brazil walked into the courtyard and started doing their own ceremony.

Rosse Mary commented to me about being offered to join a Spiritual Group coming from Brazil.  Then she went over and started talking to the Group Leader.  Sure enough, this Group was the group she had been offered to join!  Small world :-)  After they finished their ceremony, we all returned to the dock.  Although we had arranged with the tour company to visit the north side of the Isle of the Sun, our boat captain refused.  He claimed he only had enough fuel to take us back to our hotel on the south side of the Isle.  Fortunately, our new friends in the Spiritual Group were heading for the north side of the Isle of the Sun, so we got to visit with them some more.  Later on the Isle of the Sun, the Spiritual Group went swimming in the Lake.  I admit it; they are officially crazier than me!

The left or “main” side of the temple on the Isle of the Moon
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